Michael Wilson

Product Designer

Michael’s Endorsement

I’ve worked with Dale since we met at Helio/SKTelcom. I realized early on that Dale’s mind just works differently than most. He never takes the easy road, he takes the smart one. His ability to distill big sky concepts into meaningful, thoughtful design is unmatched. His skill in UX and UI show a rare maturity that thinks through the solution and designs for the user, not for himself. But his skills don’t end there.

Years of interactive and e-commerce design experience make him a formidable powerhouse on any platform be it web or mobile. I’ve watched him grow beyond just design to becoming a leader and inventor. All that wrapped into a package that’s fun to work with, respectful and loyal. Anyone would be remise in not taking the opportunity to work along side him.

Michael’s expertise¬†

Prototype design

Mobile development

User Interface

Team Player