Black Halo

Identity Photography Web Design

Promotional Video Short

Black Halo is designed to summon natural inner beauty and confidence that is both liberating and empowering to women when worn.

Aligning the Vision

It only takes one look to see Black Halo fashion is contemporary, yet sophisticated and timeless. By curating proper visuals and merging them with forward design, their website reflects those very traits.

Optimizing the Experience.

By definition, the appeal of fashion is in the way it’s presented. For the Black Halo site, it was essential to provide optimum viewing across a range of devices. Responsive design was used to maximize the view, as well as enhance the experience.

Looks to Make you Look

The idea is to make it look easy. Putting together a look book takes a photographer’s eye, a designer’s sensibilities and a Jedi’s instincts. It has to portray the entire line in the best light possible, as well as reflect its true character.