Kourtny Hicks

Head of User Experience

Kourtny’s Endorsement

Dale is the definition of speed, diligence and visual acuity. His proactive nature, collaborative attitude, and inventiveness are highly regarded by his team. Dale takes on everything he does with a sense of urgency and importance and is motivated by a consistent desire to ensure his manager and his team are always successful. Such efforts are clear in the consistency of the quality and quantity of the designs Dale delivers.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Dale now at two companies. His sense of humor, ability to make up words, fun-loving nature, and joy of practical jokes are all parts of his personality that make Dale well-liked by all. But it’s his serious talent, industriousness, and creative agility that you should watch out for. It’s what makes him unstoppable.

Kourtny’s expertise¬†

Communication Skills

Cat Lover

Organizational Skills

Leadership Skills