Moto Contextual Ui

Documentary Photography Strategy Technology

Demo Video

With knowing 51% of US households have cable TV, 26% receive their television via satellite, 1% have both, and only 22% have neither. Watching television is often one-dimensional. Users are unable to engage and constantly left wondering about a topic which they forget about or try to remember to search later. Also multi-devise experiences are still limited.

The Requirements:

  • Provide several types of content pivots.
  • Provide real-time contextual information while viewing.
  • Leverage existing broadcast and SoundHound relationships.

Aligning the Vision

A second-screen companion application that provided contextual information about the show you were watching, including cast information, fashion worn, product placement, tweets, show information and episodes, music from the show, and historical information around the show and its cast.

Optimizing the Experience.

By definition, the appeal of fashion is in the way it’s presented. For the Black Halo site, it was essential to provide optimum viewing across a range of devices. Responsive design was used to maximize the view, as well as enhance the experience.

Looks to Make you Look

The idea is to make it look easy. Putting together a look book takes a photographer’s eye, a designer’s sensibilities and a Jedi’s instincts. It has to portray the entire line in the best light possible, as well as reflect its true character.