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This was a companion based app for any video streaming service for example, Plex or iTunes and etc. To would allow users to get contextual data and trending/social information on a video and allow them to control video playback and scrubbing via phone or tablet. 


Chartered to present a clean and easy interface which can give the user enough information without being overloaded with visual noise of either the content or ui. While embracing Google Material Design to ease workloads for development teams.  


Second & Third Screen experience
iOS mobile & Tablet
Android mobile & Tablet

Design Process


immersive design

Early study of a more immersive view of the users video list and perhaps play with little bit with Z-Depth axis while they are browsing video genres . 

another direction

I wanted to design an app that closed followed the Material Design guidelines, but at the same time belonged to the Nonda family. We decided to combine Nonda’s iconic look with the bright, cheerful appearance. I couldn’t wait to apply its novel and purposeful iconography, animation, and interface design principles on a real project. 

focus design

Early study of the loading screen, with the beginnings of background animation while the app loads up on the users device.