Jeff Gelberg

Copywriter / Creative Director

Jeff’s Endorsement

I first met Dale when we were thrown together at TBWA\Chiat to work on the Uncle Ben’s website. Throughout the entire assignment, which lasted almost a year, his creative solutions, total commitment and energy devoted to the project were remarkable. Dale has a unique perspective and approach to problem solving. He cranks out one brilliant idea after the other at an alarming pace. It’s exhausting to think about trying to keep up with him. It can’t be done.

But working with him, and being witness to his process, is nothing short of invigorating. And inspiring. He always brings his best game, and he expects you to bring yours. With his wicked sense of humor, his unrelenting work ethic and the fact he’s genuinely a good soul, working with Dale is simply as good as it gets.

Jeff’s expertise 



Creative Direction

Dog Lover